On Being in Love with Where You Live

F***, I love it here.

I sit in my car in the canyon after work. I pull over on the side of the road, feel-good tunes playing, and stare at a bigass waterfall, with mountains looming up on either side of me. I can see these huge shafts of light breaking through the clouds illuminating the mist hanging in the valley and I feel nothing short of what it feels like to fall head over heels in love, only it keeps happening, over and over and over again since I’ve moved here.

Later on, I drive to Foothill Drive to watch the sun go down over the Oquirrs and Salt Lake City. (Have I mentioned there’s gorgeous sunsets almost everyday here?!) I meet a couple of photographers and a fellow young traveler up there. We watch the wind whip up dust off the Great Salt Lake as lightning bubbles up in the clouds overhead. That golden hour sunset light is so perfect and pretty, especially in a semi-windstorm.

I’m so in love with being in love with where I live, and I encourage every one of you to find somewhere that fills you up similarly. As far as we know, we have but this one life to live it up, so give yourself as much joy as you possibly can as soon as you can. Tomorrow’s not promised, so do what you have to to fall in love with where you are in your life, wherever you may find yourself.


Published by alexandriacantrell22

Trail-name: Pocahontas Atlanta-native and based out of SLC, Utah. Appalachian Trail 2016, the Colorado Trail 2018, Timberline Trail 2018

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