Colorado Trail: Post 9

San Luis Peak: 14,022 ft.

While on trail, we decided to run up San Luis Peak…my first ever 14’er!! We were already most of the way up just by being on the trail itself. Just add a couple thousand more feet, and we’d be up there!

The truth is, I almost didn’t do it! I was so afraid and intimidated. But with the encouragement of my trail family, I did it!

As I stood on the saddle and looked up at the rocky peak, I became super nervous and unsure of myself. But then I remembered some words I read in a guidebook on my first few days on the AT: “Choose a goal so great that you cannot achieve it until you become the person that can.” And so I embarked.

As we got higher and higher, the air got thinner and thinner. I wasn’t sure if I was imagining side effects, or if they were actually real, but I definitely had a lot of butterflies.

In my summit photo, I’m wearing a strange variety of jackets. I couldn’t decide on the way up if I was hot or cold! It was really frustrating, sweating and taking off layers, only to be slapped around by the wind and trying to put another back on. I decided climbing this particular mountain was kind of like having a fever. But nonetheless, it was a perfect day, with perfect weather, and a perfect preview to the San Juan’s.


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