Hawaii || August 2019

Hawaii is one of the places that seems to be on everyone’s travel bucket lists. Black sand beaches, dense green jungles, lush mountains, volcanoes, surfing! The list of beautiful things to do and see goes on and on. I haven’t heard of anyone going to Hawaii and coming back with an underwhelming response to theContinue reading “Hawaii || August 2019”

Mesa Verde National Park || 2019

Last month, I took a 2000 mile road trip to Colorado, and decided to stop in Mesa Verde National Park to see a place called the Cliff Palace! This park surprised me. I don’t know what I expected, but I was so taken aback and impressed by how sophisticated these cliff dwellings were, how ingenious,Continue reading “Mesa Verde National Park || 2019”

Lake Powell, UT || June 2019

Lake Powell…what an enigma of a place. Lake Powell is a giant man made lake, created by the Colorado River and a few other tributary rivers. Covering over 161,000 acres, the lake spans about 180 miles in length and 25 miles at its widest point. On a satellite map, it looks like a giant swollenContinue reading “Lake Powell, UT || June 2019”

Sawtooth Wilderness, Idaho || June 2019

A couple of weeks after getting off the PCT, I was antsy as hell, sad, and more than a little stir crazy. So, we decided to go visit Idaho, which seems to be where I go whenever I’m injured. I also decided to use some of the money I’d saved for the trail to buyContinue reading “Sawtooth Wilderness, Idaho || June 2019”

Pacific Crest Trail: California || 2019

When Injury Happens On a Thru I’ve been really putting off writing this post. A lot of you may already know, but I had to get off the PCT due to a foot injury. After months of anxious excitement, the trail I’d been dreaming about was right at my feet. My dreams feel dashed, andContinue reading “Pacific Crest Trail: California || 2019”

Gobble Gobble, Bitches….Yeah!

An Introduction to the Highlining Community I mean, look….was this highline gathering the coolest thing I’ve ever seen? I think perhaps, yes. Yes, it was..How does one explain highlining? I guess we gotta start with slacklining first. Slacklining is a strange and unique sport. It looks like tight rope walking, and I suppose that’s whatContinue reading “Gobble Gobble, Bitches….Yeah!”

UTAH || Mt. Superior: 11,132 ft.

Hiking the South Ridge of Superior “Mountains function as metaphorical and symbolic space. There is no more geographical equivalent to the idea of arrival and triumph than the topmost peak beyond which there is no further to go.”-Rebecca Solnit’s Wanderlust: a History of Walking Finally did the South Ridge of Superior. What a spectacular exhilaratingContinue reading “UTAH || Mt. Superior: 11,132 ft.”

Mt Hood: The Timberline Trail

A Very Wet Pacific Northwest Experience September 2018 Oh, hey there Oregon. Over the last few days, I took a short trip to Mount Hood to hike the Timberline Trail. The Timberline Trail is only a mere 40 miles long, circumnavigating the iconic Mt. Hood, just outside of Portland. It’s not a super easy one,Continue reading “Mt Hood: The Timberline Trail”

Utah || Mt. Olympus: 9,026 ft

September 2018 I did a thing I’ve always always wanted to do since moving here: Hike up Mt. Olympus, camp on that gorgeous saddle and then pop up the rock scramble in the morning for a sunrise summit!! Mt. Olympus is an iconic peak, towering along the Salt Lake front. The hike is nothing tooContinue reading “Utah || Mt. Olympus: 9,026 ft”

Colorado Trail: Post 4

WILDFLOWERS, STORMS July 17, 2018 It’s getting quite beautiful out here. I picked July for this trail because I figured that’s when the wildflowers would be popping off. I was right! It’s been so gorgeous. The trail is lined w paintbrush of every shade and color, and smatterings of yellow, purple, blue and white areContinue reading “Colorado Trail: Post 4”

An Adventure at Red Pine Lake || May 2018

A Lesson on Keeping One Earbud Out There are lots of beautiful colors setting into the melting ice up at Red Pine Lake. I came up to do this hike to find a little bit more solitude since most people tend to turn around when they hit the snow, and I loved it. Fun storyContinue reading “An Adventure at Red Pine Lake || May 2018”

On Danger and Fear || March 2018

This is one of my favorite photographs of myself. Looking down the slope, deep deep snow, about to drop in, and utterly petrified with fear. This tour was up Pink Pine Ridge in Little Cottonwood Canyon, to just below Rainbow Peak. Not many people were in the backcountry, and we saw only one other partyContinue reading “On Danger and Fear || March 2018”

Death Valley National Park || February 2018

For my birthday, Michael Blair brought me to Death Valley National Park! It was a surprise–we got on the road and drove for hours while I tried to guess the destination. What a cool place! February counts as springtime in the lowest place in the continental US, and the plants are green and some evenContinue reading “Death Valley National Park || February 2018”