Hawaii || August 2019

Hawaii is one of the places that seems to be on everyone’s travel bucket lists. Black sand beaches, dense green jungles, lush mountains, volcanoes, surfing! The list of beautiful things to do and see goes on and on. I haven’t heard of anyone going to Hawaii and coming back with an underwhelming response to theContinue reading “Hawaii || August 2019”

Mesa Verde National Park || 2019

Last month, I took a 2000 mile road trip to Colorado, and decided to stop in Mesa Verde National Park to see a place called the Cliff Palace! This park surprised me. I don’t know what I expected, but I was so taken aback and impressed by how sophisticated these cliff dwellings were, how ingenious,Continue reading “Mesa Verde National Park || 2019”

Gobble Gobble, Bitches….Yeah!

An Introduction to the Highlining Community I mean, look….was this highline gathering the coolest thing I’ve ever seen? I think perhaps, yes. Yes, it was..How does one explain highlining? I guess we gotta start with slacklining first. Slacklining is a strange and unique sport. It looks like tight rope walking, and I suppose that’s whatContinue reading “Gobble Gobble, Bitches….Yeah!”