Colorado || March 2018

Oh Colorado…I remember the first time I laid eyes on this beautiful state. I was about 14, and had never seen big mountains before. “The Rockies” were just the stuff of legends to my young Georgian mind. I was with my youth group, headed to Copper Mountain for a ski trip. It was my first time in real snow, my first time seeing mountains, and my first time out west.

Getting off the bus, I remember looking up and seeing that huge mountain face and the contrasting blue blue sky, the bluest sky I had ever laid eyes on.

I don’t make a whole lot of money, but I live my life in such a way that I get exactly what it is that I really want—Adventure, beauty, experiencing the world and meeting everything in it. Sometimes it’s not easy, and sometimes I wish I had a nice camera or more climbing gear or a new snowboard or any number of THINGS. But nothing beats beautiful sunsets or snowy moonlit mountains, the smell of sagebrush on a quick run to the desert or the gritty feel of sandstone under your boots and fingers. Waterfalls showing off glistening rainbows under a granite face back in hidden canyons, yellow lines under a glowing sunset. Photos never come close to doing it justice….

Colorado never ceases to take my breath away. I can’t freaking wait to wander around this beautiful state come July on the Colorado Trail….the next planned adventure!
The PCT doesn’t look like it’s gonna pan out for this year. Living in the wilderness for 6 months has a price tag, and this winter hasnt been great for saving. For ski resort folk, no snow=no customers. So instead, I’m readying myself for the beautiful Colorado Trail!!!

Starting just south of Denver and ending in Durango, the CT is 486 miles, crossing 8 mountain ranges and 6 national forests. Part of it coincides with the Continental Divide Trail, and travels across high plains, mountains rivers and streams to alpine peaks! There will be a lot of rain, a lot of pain, and a whole lot of beauty. I can’t wait to get back on a trail 🙂


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Trail-name: Pocahontas Atlanta-native and based out of SLC, Utah. Appalachian Trail 2016, the Colorado Trail 2018, Timberline Trail 2018

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